We’re proud to hold a professional Cat Breeding License here at Hillside Paws for Life.

Our strapping stud cats are experts in the field and are very gentle lovers! Be assured that all of our boys are completely clean, healthy, flea-free, vaccinated and wormed.

Introducing our Doting Dads:



Meet Tiger - Our chocolate tabby British Shorthair, carrying blue. Tiger is renowned for being smooth, playful and very gentle with his ladies!



This is Gizmo - he’s our lilac British Longhair gentleman of the house! With years of experience and a track record of fathering the most gorgeous kittens, we’re sure your girl will love him!

Here at Hillside Paws for Life, we’re committed to facilitating natural, comfortable matings.

Because of this, your girl will be welcome to stay with us for 4 whole days to ensure a successful trip!

We strongly advise vaccinating, worming and treating your cat for fleas before she arrives to make sure she’s ready.

Give us a call for more information, and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

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