We’re proud to hold a professional Dog Breeding License here at Hillside Paws for Life.

Introducing our Doting Dads:



This is Teddy. Teddy is a strapping Red Toy Poodle who just loves to be the centre of attention. Cuddles are always welcome!



Meet Romeo. Romeo is a Miniature Red Toy Poodle and the perfect lap dog. He’s always got bundles of energy and has a very happy temperament.



Troy is a gorgeous silver-dapple, Miniature Dachshund carrying blue and chocolate…he’s quite the looker and is very popular with the ladies!



This is Chase. Chase is an Isabella & Tan Dachshund. He’s a very affectionate little dog and loves nothing more than to be showered with kisses!



Meet Nugget. Nugget is a stunning Red Cockapoo carrying chocolate. He’s an adorably mischievous gentleman who loves to play!

You can rest assured that natural matings
are our top priority

but if your girl doesn’t take a fancy to any of the boys, it won’t be taken personally! If sparks don’t fly, we’ll accommodate for that with very gentle and highly ethical AI.

We strongly advise progesterone-testing your dog before she arrives, as well as giving us as much time with her as possible to avoid disappointment!

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