Welcome to our Doggy Grooming Spa!

If you have a mucky pup on your hands in need of some TLC, our Pet Grooming Spa is sure to provide just the right service for them.

Just wait until your fur baby gets their paws on all these 5* Grooming Sessions:


Big Bath & Brush

(Duration/price varied depending on size)

A nice bubbly bath and brush - just what the vet ordered! Your pampered pooch will look and feel squeaky clean and smell like roses for days post-treatment!


Calming Claw Clips

(Duration/price varies)

If you’re hearing the clatter on claws on the kitchen floor...a nail trim is needed! Come to us for a 5*, smooth, calming nail trim in our Doggy Grooming Spa.


Funky Fur Cut

(Duration/price varies)

Come straight to us when your pooch is having a bad fur day! We’ll take care of the trimming, cutting and styling so your pet feels like The Top Dog! Feel free to tell us exactly how you’d like it.


The Full Monty Spa Experience

(Duration/price varies)

The whole shebang - this treatment includes all of the services described above as well as a complete cleaning of the anal glands and inner ears. Starting with a long, relaxing bubble bath using the finest products for your pooch, they will then enjoy a gentle but thorough brush, a stylish fur cut, and a warm blow-dry followed by a 5* claw clipping experience. At the end of their relaxing spa session, your pooch will be waiting for you in the Dog Heaven park - sparkly and clean!


For an additional fee we also offer a pick-up and drop off service in our specially air-conditioned luxury pooch van! Contact us for more details.

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