Probably the most popular family dog cross breed out there, ever taking the lead in our hearts and in our homes it’s the Cockapoo. This being a cocker spaniel crossed with a poodle; commonly crossed with the miniature poodle however here at Hillside we have a toy poodle and miniature poodle to choose from out of our stud boys!

As well as our gorgeous Cocker Spaniel bitches of various sizes and colours.

Originally bred in America in the 1960’s by designer dog breeders the Cockapoo has become the number one family pet popular across households for their hypoallergic fur (excellent for pet hair allergy sufferers) their energy for walkies, their loyalty and warmth. 

Cockapoos are great with young children due to their soft and sensitive nature; they will enjoy playtime for hours but then will happily curl up on the sofa with the whole family. 

Here at Hillside we have been breeding Cockapoo’s for over 15 years so have a wealth of experience and knowledge to go with it.

We have F1 Cockapoos, F2 Cockapoo’s and F1B cockapoo’s – for anymore information on this please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Unstone House, Whittington Lane, Dronfield, Derbyshire, S18 4DQ