Hillside Fully Trained Dogs, Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs

Imagine setting off on your Sunday countryside walk with your perfectly trained dog gracefully trotting by your side, in the knowledge that, after your game of fetch, they’ll come running straight back as soon as they hear you call their name…

Imagine arriving at your favourite village pub for lunch with your trained canine companion, who settles quietly at your feet while you eat, without begging for so much as a crumb.


returning home to a perfectly organised house, with your furniture, shoelaces and carpets in pristine condition, because you got your dog fully trained to not chew or bite before they set paw in your home. After a lovely day, your trained dog settles in their bed quietly to sleep the whole night through to greet you with a wagging tail in the morning.

Our therapy dogs may well be the fluffy antidote to a more peaceful, more loving, more joyful life experience.

So many people fall into the trap of buying a dog without prior training and no knowledge of how to train their pets themselves. This results in an unfulfilling ownership of an unruly dog who causes stress to everyone around them. Don’t let it be you!

All of our dogs are carefully bred and chosen to have calm, warm and affectionate temperaments before they arrive at your door. All our cute and clever dogs are trained and know how to:

  • Walk perfectly by your side while on a lead without pulling
  • Allow guests to enter your home without barking or jumping up
  • Sleep in a cage or crate without crying through the night
  • Travel calmly in a car
  • Hear loud sounds without panicking 
  • Keep your house completely clean and unchewed 
  • Sit, stay or lay down whether you’re at home, in a busy environment or in nature
  • Return to you immediately when they hear you call them
Please reach out to us on
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where we’ll be delighted to answer any questions you have and discuss how to choose a new furry friend that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Fully Trained Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs

Therapy dogs offer comfort, affection, and support to individuals in various settings, including hospitals, retirement homes, schools, libraries, hospices, busy cafés, events and high-stress environments. Selected for their calm, loving temperament and eagerness to please, our therapy dogs are carefully chosen to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Whether you or a loved one is struggling with:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low mood
  • Social anxiety
  • Any difficult or unpleasant symptoms linked to neurodivergence, ADHD or autism

Our therapy dogs may well be the fluffy antidote to a more peaceful, more loving, more joyful life experience.


For those requiring more support from their canine friends, we’re also proud to train service dogs. Our service dogs are meticulously trained to perform tasks and provide assistance that alleviates their handlers' disabilities, such as:

  • Mobility assistance 
  • Seizure alert 
  • Diabetes alert 
  • Epilepsy alert 
  • Medication retrieval 
  • Helping their owners retrieve hard-to-reach domestic items such as their mobile telephones, bottles of water, medications, blankets and slippers
If you require any other specific training and support, please contact us on
07936 970 122
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and we’d be delighted to discuss how we can train up your perfect pup.


Whether you're seeking the perfect family pet, a therapy dog for emotional support or a fully trained service dog, Hillside Paws for Life is committed to providing you with a canine companion that exceeds your expectations.


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