Here at Hillside Paws for Life, we spare no expense

in ensuring that we provide the best five-star facilities in the UK - we proudly go above and beyond the classic standards of pet breeding and grooming.

Here’s what you’ll find on-site:

The 5* Maternity Ward

All of our outrageously cute puppies are given 24-hour round-the-clock care in our five-star maternity ward.

From day one, they enjoy being taken very good care of by their proud mums and our Puppy Team in their very own ward, equipped with lots of warm blankets, toys, clean litter trays, puppy pads and healthy treats.

We even use animal Sound Therapy in the wards to make sure your new family member starts their life with you comfortably and happily. Including everyday noises such as crying babies, washing machines, natural lightning sounds, hoovers and car horns, we’re proud to see our pups and kitties leave us confidently.

The Dog Park Heaven

We boast our very own outdoor Dog Park Heaven on-site

which our stud dogs and proud mums use every day. Our puppies transition into their puppy park when the time is right. There, they’re gently encouraged to ‘do their business’ and play together in the grass, running water and fallen leaves.

With climbing frames, tunnels and plenty of balls to chase, our puppies have lots of toys to choose from and lots of fellow pups to play with.

Pet Grooming Spa

We boast soothing Pet Grooming Spa rooms for the most pampered of pooches!

If you have a mucky pup on your hands in need of some TLC, our Pet Grooming Spa is sure to provide just the right service for them.

From Funky Fur Cuts to The Full Monty Spa Experience, your pooch is in for a treat!

See all of our luxury grooming treatments here.

Hillside Paws for Life 5* Luxury Pet Drop-off/Delivery Van

Offering comfortable pickups and dropoffs for the most pampered of pets, we provide transportation for any fluffy customer that enjoys our grooming services (so you can get on with your day stress-free!)

We’re also proud to present our new Furry Friend Delivery Scheme by our Hillside Paws for Life Mascot...Buddy! From 2020 we’ll be offering drop off services for any puppy or kitten adopted from Hillside Paws for Life. Perfect if you live far away or if you’d like your puppy or kitten delivered in style to any celebration or party.

They’ll enjoy their journey to you with their very own chauffeur in a snuggly, comfy air-conditioned luxury van just for them!

On-Site Shop

You’ll also find our on-site shop

complete with everything you could ever need to welcome your puppy home in style. From beds, leads, collars, comfy cages, scratch posts, harnesses, jackets, worm and flea treatments to the best puppy food...your new pet and any accessories you’d like can be purchased with all major credit and debit cards.

Hillside Paws for Life is a family-run business with a big heart, and we’re committed to providing our puppies with the most loving and luxurious start to life.

Fully licensed and equipped to provide the highest level of animal welfare, we hold years of experience in the field of ethical breeding and grooming, and our facilities reflect this!

We are confident in delivering the very best, happiest puppies to fit perfectly into any loving family. If you’re interested in finding out more about our 5* Breeding, Stud, and Grooming Services, please do explore our website and get in touch soon!

Unstone House, Whittington Lane, Dronfield, Derbyshire, S18 4DQ

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