Here at Hillside Paws for Life we love our little Dachshunds and we have a gorgeous selection to choose from be it miniature, standard, long haired, wired haired or smooth haired in a wide variety of colours. We have been breeding Dachshunds for many years so we have a wealth of experience to help you find you the perfect puppy.

Our miniature Dachshunds are the smaller of the two types weighing an average of 4-5 kg and 13-18 cm in height. Whilst the standard Dachshund is the larger dog weighing an average of 7-14 kg and a height of around 20-22cm.

However what Dachshunds lack in height they certainly make up for in personality! they are loyal, affectionate, and certainly tenacious little characters. Although being traced back to the 1950's they were originally bred in the 17th century in Germany to hunt and flush out badgers - hence the meaning behind the name dachshund translates to 'Badger-dog'. Built with short legs, uncharacteristically large paws, long bodies, and ears they were perfect to dig and enter tunnels.

Dachshunds are the perfect family companion as they have a history of forming close bonds with family members and will happily curl up on the sofa with you. Plus as much as they love exercise and play time they don't need be taken for lengthy walks every day, shorter walks and in general regular exercise along with play time will see you have a healthy happy Dachshund which if looked after properly will live a long and full filled life.

Our Dachshunds receive PRA (Progressive retinal atrophy) testing

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